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People coming from crisis regions in this world are looking for protection and shelter in Germany. They need support, in order to start a new life – a social, ethical and professional challenge.

titelbild The PSZ Düsseldorf is a facility offering counseling and therapy for traumatized and mentally burdened refugees. Annually, there are approximately 500 people from more than 50 countries who find support here.

But the demands and needs are bigger than that. In order to improve the care and service for all refugees, the PSZ offers  advanced training/further education for professionals and volunteers working in the health, social and youth field. The key aspects are trauma, culture and asylum specific topics.

Safety is a human right and necessary for the healing process. Therefore, the PSZ works actively for the protection of refugees from the general public and from policy makers.

The PSZ is a Non-profit association, which belongs to the Diakonisches Werk Rheinland Westfalen-Lippe

PSZ Düsseldorf - Support for survivors of torture, violence, war

The Psychosocial Center for Refugees Düsseldorf offers psychotherapy, counseling, group and social work for traumatized refugees and torture victims since 1987. Furthermore, it is offering further training and specialist counseling for professionals and volunteers working in the social and health field.

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